Photography has been a slow evolution for me and now has split into two genres.  I am drawn to the simplicity of light and shadow with 

black and white photography.  The medium yields a revealing and simultaneous obscuring of reality while best depicting tension and 

emotion.  My portfolio covers digital work, analog and sometimes use of long exposures to capture combinations of time that only the camera can see.   


Over a gradual period I have made photographs focusing on a cinematic like quality.  While seemingly a distinct departure from my black 

white work, I find the two to be inextricably linked and quite similar.  Each photograph adheres to a widescreen cinematic aspect ratio of 

today or cinema past.  Thought this restriction my work is designed to show what it feels like to be in this place, a moment with a slant to 

a dark and quiet mood


Any photograph display on the site is available for sale and is limited to editions of twenty five prints.   Please contact me for more 

information regarding sizes, paper options and pricing.  



Selected Showing - Nocturnes and Noir Exhibit - The Harvey Milk Photo Center - San Francisco, CA - 2017

Solo Exhibition – The Lightroom – Berkeley, California – July 2016

Selected Showing – Mother Earth- The Lightbox Gallery – Astoria, Oregon- 2015

Works and Conversations Magazine - Issue no. 32

Article - Photography Passion Project

Internatonal Photography Awards – Numerous Honorable Mentions – 2013

International Photography Awards – Numerous Honorable Mentions – 2014



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